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  • GOP governor candidates debate Common Core, tuition

    07/19/14 ,via azcentral

    Referencing rising salaries and continued construction and expansion on college campuses, Doug Ducey said, "It's time that the university elite started tightening their belts." He entertained the idea that for-profits such as the University of Phoenix

  • 'Skills Gap' Isn't the Only Reason Businesses Can't Fill Jobs

    07/16/14 ,via

    MRINetworks surveyed 236 of its recruiters around the globe on professional and managerial hiring trends, but with a focus on the U.S.Industries covered included health care, financials and construction, among others. According to the survey, 31

  • Jobs surge thanks to building boom

    07/16/14 ,via Wanganui Chronicle

    While the developments ensured a higher number of construction jobs, the retail sector would also benefit from more opportunities once the centres were up and running, he said. "Hopefully, they might attract out-of-town chains and employ more people.".

  • Amount of jobs available up 12 per cent

    07/16/14 ,via Ilkley Gazette

    The recovering property market has driven a significant rise in construction jobs as vacancies rose by a staggering 24 per cent regionally in the last twelve months. This good news comes hot on the heels of last week's Markit/CIPS survey, which found 

  • Fr Shay Cullen: Eight months after Typhoon Haiyan

    Today, not much progress has been made by government agencies in helping the poor get a low cost home, jobs or a new start. There are millions of dollars and pounds in foreign Such disaster zones are the hunting grounds for the sex bar recruiters

  • Qatar blames recruiters abroad for labor abuses

    07/15/14 ,via The Japan Times

    The report said workers are often forced to take out loans to foot the bill of recruitment agencies and secure a job in the construction and service industries in Qatar, and as a result rake up debts. “The phenomenon of debt bondage is in large part

  • Our communities in brief

    07/17/14 ,via San Jose Mercury News

    "It's the only construction project we've currently given its own listing, because of the high level of public interest," Cass said. Visitors to can find general information Representatives from the Mt. Diablo, Oakland

  • Reimagining labor: Saket Soni is fighting for the future of work

    07/16/14 ,via CNNMoney

    Others are free-form, like when Soni counseled a woman struggling to organize construction workers. They walked Recruiters had convinced them to pay $20,000 for a green card and the chance to help rebuild post-Katrina New Orleans. Forced labor and 

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4000 fans line up early to show Cats who they're playing for - Lexington Herald Leader

It was early when Mark Stoops pulled his black Mercedes up to the Nutter Indoor Training Facility.

Clouds hovered overhead and there was dampness in the air for the second straight Kentucky Fan Day.

So Stoops was a little taken aback when he saw the line of fans already stretching around the side of the indoor training facility.

"I was shocked," the UK head coach said.

He figured the early-morning Fan Day coupled with the weather issues and Commonwealth Stadium construction would keep fans away.

"But I was amazed, as usual, and greatly appreciate the support and the kind words," Stoops said of the estimated 4,000 fans who crowded into the Nutter Center to get autographs from Stoops, his coaches and the players despite their 2-10 record last season.

The head coach and coordinators Neal Brown and D.J. Eliot had nothing on the defensive linemen, whose autograph-seeking line spread halfway around the indoor facility at one point.

Brown was pleased to see little kids, including his own little girls, running around the indoor facility.

"Lots of young kids, which I think is important," he said. "It's important not only for Kentucky but for the game of football to keep young kids involved.

There was another set of "kids" that it was important to as well, Brown said.

"It was really good for our kids, them to understand what they represent," Brown said of the UK players. "When they put Kentucky across their chest, what they represent, the people. There's people from all over the state here, and out of state, alumni, people like that. I think it's great for our kids to be around those."

The players seemed appreciative of the love.

"I didn't expect that many people to come out because it was that early and a lot is going on, but we got the support and we love the fans," wide receiver Javess Blue said.

After the first of four open practices, Stoops is hopeful that his team will show more than it did last season and more than it did on Saturday at the stadium.

"We weren't as clean as we (have been)," he said. "Our ball handling wasn't as clean as it's been and we didn't execute as well as we have been. We've been a little bit more consistent than that."

Practice notes

Signs of renovation are everywhere at Commonwealth Stadium. The good news is there also seem to be signs of rebuilding on the field, too. Not a finished product, but Kentucky does look like a team that seems to have upgraded at several positions.

Here are some initial impressions:

Some key players sat out with various injuries. Of note were cornerback Nate Willis , defensive end Jason Hatcher , safety Glenn Faulkner , cornerback Fred Tiller , running back Jojo Kemp , wide receivers Javess Blue , Jeff Badet and Garrett Johnson and offensive lineman Jordan Swindle...

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NYPD's plan to employ retirees part-time resembles former Staten Island ... - Staten Island Advance -

Precinct in Williamsburg in 2006, floated a similar idea back in July 2011, during former Mayor Mike Bloomberg's administration, but city officials nixed the idea, he said.

Reilly resubmitted the proposal to the new administration, including Mayor Bill de Blasio and various city council members, in January. While he never received a response, a survey the NYPD sent to retirees this week bears some resemblance to his earlier proposal to increase police manpower.

"It's not the same exact proposal, but it's very similar," Reilly said Saturday. "They used the same laws I cited. It's pretty ironic."

The NYPD sent out a survey Wednesday asking retirees registered on the NYPD's Actively Retired website to consider positions as recruiters or instructors, according to a report in the New York Post . Per the proposal, the retirees would work about 20 hours per week for $30,000 a year while still collecting their pensions, the paper reported.

The NYPD's intentions - be it to increase manpower while limiting costs or to get more full-time officers on patrol -- are unclear.

Reilly said he believes the NYPD is looking to hire a few hundred retirees to take administrative, non-enforcement positions usually staffed by active officers, such as handling evidence and maintaining the police cars.

Reilly's proposal was to increase NYPD manpower at the precinct level after hearing more than 600 active officers would be assigned to the World Trade Center once construction was completed.

"Given today's climate in the counter-terrorism community, the high number of assigned personnel is perfectly justified," Reilly said in the proposal. "Although it is justified, many citizens of New York City may be concerned that resources will be diverted from the other 77 NYPD commands. One possible solution that will provide a high level of security at the WTC Command and maintain sufficient personnel levels at the remaining 77 precincts is to utilize retired members of the service as Special Patrolmen at the WTC Command."

Reilly added that he believes a few hundred retired officers from Staten Island would be interested in the part-time work. Reilly would not be eligible for the program because he retired on disability after undergoing spinal surgery caused by a serious car accident while he was on duty.

"I think it's a good idea," he said of the NYPD's plan.

The police union, however, feels differently.

Patrolmen's Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch objected to the idea and told the Post, "This union would be vehemently opposed to the idea of replacing active police officers and detectives who are performing vital and important functions with part-time employees."

  • Alabama lost nearly 3K construction jobs since last summer

    07/19/14 ,via The Business Journal

    Alabama shed 2,700 construction jobs over the last 12 months. According to data collected by the Associated General Contractors of America, Alabama ranked No. 43 among the 50 states and the District of Columbia in total construction job growth. The state ...

  • R.I., Mass. construction jobs drop in June from month earlier

    07/18/14 ,via Providence Business News

    ARLINGTON, Va. – Rhode Island lost 500 construction jobs in June compared with the previous month, a decline of 2.9 percent that ranked the state 49th in the country for highest percentage of construction jobs gained month over month, the Associated ...

  • Construction industry jobs continue to increase, but not in Louisville

    07/14/14 ,via The Business Journal

    The construction industry continues to add jobs, according to the latest report from the Associated General Contractors of America. The industry added 6,000 jobs nationwide in June, and the unemployment rate for the construction industry dropped to 8.2 ...

  • Ilitches pledge frequent consultation with community during Red Wings arena construction

    07/20/14 ,via Detroit Free Press

    The arena project was projected to create 8,300 construction jobs and, after it is built, 1,100 permanent jobs. Ilitch said those estimates might be low, since the organization has pledged to spend tens of millions on infrastructure improvements such as ...

  • Construction Employment Remains Below Peak Levels in Every Location Except North Dakota

    07/18/14 ,via For Construction Pros

    Construction firms added jobs in 38 states and the District of Columbia over the past 12 months, but they reduced headcount in 27 states between May and June, according to an analysis today of Labor Department data by the Associated General Contractors of ...

  • Construction Employment Down in 27 States in June

    Construction firms added jobs in 38 states and the District of Columbia over the past 12 months, but they reduced headcount in 27 states between May and June, according to an analysis of government data by the Associated General Contractors of America.

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    Gee says:
    Generally, Canadian employers are reluctant to take on foreigners who are residing outside of Canada, as arranging a work permit can be time consuming and costly to the company. Some company's will be willing to take on foreigners outside of Canada, however these jobs usually require those with reputable qualifications and experience. You should consider applying for a holiday visa - this will allow you to work freely in Canada for a year without the need to apply for visas.


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